General Hospital’s Victor’s Plan Is Exactly Like Marvel’s Thanos Story

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Credit: ABC screenshots Victor and his captives were the main focus of this week’s episodes of General Hospital, and we finally learned what Victor’s ultimate plan is. And boy did the internet have a field day with it! Back in Port Charles, Willow’s moving up her wedding, Sonny knew all […]

Victor's become a marvel villain GH

Credit: ABC screenshots

Victor and his captives were the main focus of this week’s episodes of General Hospital, and we finally learned what Victor’s ultimate plan is. And boy did the internet have a field day with it! Back in Port Charles, Willow’s moving up her wedding, Sonny knew all along, and Gladys continues to be a terrible human being.

So Victor Wants to Be Thanos

I’d been speculating for a few weeks in my General Hospital soapbox columns that Victor was planning to freeze the world and usher in a new ice age, joking that it was a plot straight out of a terrible Batman film. Well, it turns out his plan is actually to unleash a deadly pathogen into the world because the earth’s population is out of control and becoming a strain on the environment and resources. The pathogen would basically wipe out a good portion of the population and set things back in balance. The internet immediately jumped on this as the plot of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame.


To be fair, the DC Universe also did this plot as a story in the Batman universe with a pathogen as well, but more people know the Marvel storyline. Needless to say, a lot of the internet has found this big reveal, after two years of hearing about Victor’s big secret plan, a bit of a letdown. Been there, done that, and seen the epic blockbusters! Now and we have the fate of the world in the hands of who, Spencer and Trina? Are they making Sprina the next Luke and Laura?

Woah, did Spencer take some of that Captain America super soldier juice? (ABC screenshot)

One thing this storyline has allowed is some fun flashbacks. We saw a very young Laura on the then Titan as she tried to recall where Victor might be headed. Please give us more flashbacks as this storyline wraps up! She suspects Victor could be headed to a bunker in Venezuela, and Felicia said she knew the perfect person to help them get there and to Victor. No doubt this is how Holly Sutton will return.

Like everyone else, I’m waiting to see how this plays out before passing judgment, though for some the Marvel thing is too much to swallow. But I do know if this was happening back in the 80s, I think I might enjoy this storyline a lot more because they’d actually have the budget to go to a remote location to film the ending. Sadly we’re probably going to be left with some really bad jungle sets, or just the inside of a bunker.

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Spoiler talk ahead…skip to the next paragraph if you want to be spoiler free! We already know Victor’s time on the soap is coming to an end, as Charles Shaughnessy has said Victor will get one hell of a send-off. We also know Constance Towers’ Helena Cassadine is set to make two appearances next month. My hope? Victor escapes or is presumed dead by everyone, only to later be shown imprisoned in some dank cell where Helena laughs at him, while we also find out she’s acquired the comatose Nikolas. Oh and by the way, when in the heck is that storyline with Ava and Austin going to resume? It’s just fallen off the face of the earth.

Meanwhile, Back in Port Charles

Back in Port Charles, with Obrecht having been kidnapped, Willow is once again crying about her time running out, so she’s decided to move up her and Michael’s wedding to… well, immediately. Realistically, Willow should have been dead weeks ago at this point, if not from leukemia, then the dehydration from constantly weeping. And normally soap weddings are something fans look forward to because they know something is going to hit the fan during the ceremony. But Michael and Willow’s wedding? Meh! She’ll probably just pass out before she can say, “I do.” And Nina will likely cry because she wasn’t invited.

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Esme’s reaction to Ace being kidnapped, and Laura’s being there to comfort her, were amazing scenes. Laura and Esme’s relationship really shines when they are together, and it makes me sad to think that at some point, the old Esme is likely to come back. Hopefully, she won’t revert back to who she was, even if she remembers everything she did.

Joss and Dex thought they could outsmart Sonny. Ha! (ABC screenshot)

The revelation that Sonny has known about Joss and Dex all along wasn’t shocking, but the look on Joss’ face was priceless. Joss admitting, “Nobody likes to be lied to,” while she’s been lying left and right to so many in her life, was also gold. Coupled with this revelation, along with Michael seemingly being moved when Sonny reached out to him, is Michael still going to go through with this plan of his to take his father down? Especially knowing Sonny is working to help locate Obrecht and Victor in order to save Willow.

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As if Michael hasn’t been insufferable enough with the plot to take Sonny down, his relative Gladys is just as bad in her intent to frame Cody. At least Cody pointed out the idiocy in this case against him, such as stealing a bracelet and just leaving it in his jacket pocket while he went on stage to strip. It also seems nobody bothered to fingerprint the bracelet as he suggested. At least we got a somewhat explanation for why Cody hasn’t ratted out Gladys, though it was fuzzy at best. Selina’s poker games are a secret, one that if exposed because of Gladys could cause issues for Sasha, and of course, Cody likes his kneecaps where they are. However, how else is Cody going to get out of this if not by exposing Gladys and her motives? Daddy Mac to the rescue?

Trina seems to be the catalyst that will bring Curtis and Portia back together, and I’m guessing she’ll be injured at some point which will require some medical procedure that makes it crucial to find out who her biological father is. I mean, Trina even foreshadowed as much when she ripped into her mother over her secret, saying a medical emergency would have exposed the truth in time.

Friday’s show once again had Chase still going off about how he can’t trust Brook Lynn, and Alexis worried about Gregory and his health crisis. Frankly, just wrap both these stories up, as they’re taking up time that could be used for other storylines.

That’s all my thoughts for this week, and as always, they are only my opinions. Join in the conversation and leave yours in the comments below.

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