7 Fitness Trends That are Coming to a Gym Near You

Ella Castle

It would be fair to say that the fitness industry is certainly one that attracts trends. Guys are constantly looking for the next big thing which is going to supercharge their progress – and 2018 is certainly no different.

The American College of Sports Medicine publishes an annual study, asking thousands of fitness pros their views on the big trends that are about to take over the following year. This study is arguably more reliable than others dotting around the industry, particularly as it differentiates between fads and trends (the former, which we all know, is completely short-term).

Following on from the above, we have taken a look at seven of the biggest trends defined by the survey. As you will soon see, some will have been completely expected, but there are certainly others in there which will raise a few eyebrows and perhaps suggest a different direction that the

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